Southern Oak Provisions...The Beginning

Kara Willbanks

When we started this journey I thought it was just a means to an end. I was completely stressed out going into an office job everyday. My mom was frankly sick of hearing my woes, not to mention what my husband had to listen to every night!  I was doing that balancing act that all moms do. Walking that tightrope, on my tiptoes, holding everything in my hands and praying there was a net to catch me if I fell. I had these daydreams of having a job that I really truly enjoyed, where it didn't feel like work. Let's be honest, that's everyone's dream. A job that would give me more balance. Well, at least less stress so when I got home my kids didn't look at me like I had three heads. Don't lie, you know that look. When you ask your kids for the 100th time to put their shoes away, or hurry up and somehow their ears stop working and you lose your mind for ten seconds before you come back to reality. 

ANYWAY, enough was finally enough. The decision was made that my mom and I would take on this adventure of Southern Oak Provisions. The best dreams always come to life over a glass of wine and someone telling you to stop complaining....right?!?! So we started this little store in this little town with the hopes that both of us would have a little more balance, have fun together and do something we both loved...home decor!

Southern Oak Logo

Fast forward to a year later and this little store has become my happy place. Am I balanced? Ah, maybe if you ask me on a good day. My kids still look at me like I have three heads, because that will probably never change. However, I did find a balance. It's funny when you do something you are really passionate about how quickly the stress melts away. Seriously, I cannot call my life perfect and I still miss things with my kids and family, but we've created something pretty cool here at SOP. Family Photo

So take a moment to stop by the shop, scroll our Instagram, and enjoy the newest addition of this blog. I am honestly going to try to post here as much as I can. Highlighting current design jobs, new product and general happenings. Let's face it... this is either going to be a therapy session, or the best thing to happen to the shop yet. So my lovely peeps grab a glass of wine and join me on contemplating life and design!